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Birst is the only enterprise-caliber Business Intelligence platform born in the cloud. Less costly and more agile than Legacy BI and more powerful than Data Discovery, it is an automated end-to-end platform that solves the entire problem – from data to visualization.

Birst takes your raw data, runs it through our ETL, and automatically builds a data warehouse to make it analytic ready. Birst then adds a logical layer to give it business meaning. Finally, data is made accessible through rich, visual analytic and reporting tools so business users can get answers. Fast.

Why Birst?

Solve Hard Analytical Problems with the Agility of the Cloud
One Product For All Your Users
Whether you need to visualize your data, prepare, integrate and model it or design pixel perfect reports, Birst provides you with one single product for all use cases. All components are tightly integrated and available through a single web user interface.
Single Business View of Data
With data in variety of sources creating a single, consistent meaning for data is a must for any business analytics solution. Birst’s logical data model provides a unified metadata layer that ensures a single holistic view across multiple data sources.
Fast Time to Value and Automation of Complex Analytic Tasks
The process of creating a data warehouse is typically a manual process. Birst automates many of the manual and repetitive tasks. This enables rapid and iterative development, helping organizations get access to information much faster than traditionally possible.
Freedom to Deploy in a Private Cloud, Birst Cloud, or On-premise
Birst Cloud is a multi-tenant, SaaS solution. With no hardware or software installation and automatic upgrades, Birst accommodates organizations of all sizes. Birst Appliance provides an on-premise alternative for customers who want to deploy Birst in their private Cloud.

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