Web Marketing Analytics

Optimize your marketing efforts and turn visitors into customers.

Our digital marketing analytics solution can help you improve and optimize your digital marketing efforts by making sense of your web and campaign data, all in one place.


GainInsights' team of analytics experts works with you at every stage of creating and implementing an analytics program.

  • Define your metrics and develop a plan
  • Identify and collect the data
  • Develop reporting features and capabilities
  • Ongoing analysis and implementation

Our analytics solution will help you create better online experience for visitors and leverage cross-channel relationships with your customers.

Solution Components

Key Marketing Indicators

Measure what matters. Track key performance indicators for your marketing efforts in one place. 

Full Funnel Analytics

Analyze the complete customer lifecycle from first interaction to most recent conversion.

Cohort Analysis

Analyze how your marketing activities impact conversion rates or affect churn from month to month.

Campaign Analysis

Track the success and performance of your digital marketing campaigns.

Revenue Analysis

Measure ROI, analyze and optimize marketing spend to get the maximum revenue from every dollar spent.

Social Media Analytics

Analyse your social media activity and uncover customer sentiment disbursed across your social media accounts.

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