HR Analytics

Transform Your Workplace with HR Analytics

Get answers to critical workforce questions by harnessing the power of your human resource data and optimize how you recruit, retain, and motivate your workforce.

Companies are analyzing their employee data using sophisticated workforce analytics tools to answer a variety of critical questions about their workforce.

GainInsights provides a complete pre-built HR analytics solution that is developed with best practices to suit every organization’s needs. The solution comes pre-built with hundreds of metrics and reports to provide answers to your workforce questions.

Our HR analytics solution can be implemented in four to six weeks and brings all your workforce data from multiple sources into one single place. From simple metrics such as headcount, and attrition rate, to complex analysis such as identifying high performing employees who are likely to leave, our solution provides hundreds of actionable insights within minutes.

Solution Components

With GainInsights’ HR analytics solution, business users can answer complex business questions covering all aspects of workforce management.





Recruitment and Retention

Learning and Development

Workforce Planning

Leadership and Succession Planning

Solution Benefits

All HR data in one place
HR data generally relies in multiple systems, and has lots of inconsistencies. Our solution helps you bring all your HR data in one place and clean it with ease.
Pre-built Dashboards and Metrics
Our solution allows you to establish HR analytics practice in your organization within 4-6 weeks with our pre-built dashboards and reports, providing you quick time to value.
Self-service Analytics
Our solution comes pre-built with hundreds of metrics, dashboards and reports that can help HR managers answer most of their every-day questions. The solution makes it easy for business users to analyse data themselves and create, consume, and share data through visually compelling charts and graphs.
Share and Schedule
The solution allows business users to easily create data visualizations and share them with your colleagues. The solution also provides the ability to schedule standard reports based on events and deliver them to users by email.

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